Patio Homes and Villas in Johnson County, Kansas

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A patio home or villa is usually:

  • All on one level or at least the Master Bedroom is on the main level
  • Maintenance provided
  • One unit, perhaps two (duplex or "twin home")
  • Has a small, privately-owned yard
  • May or may not have a basement (most of them do)
  • Some people think of patio homes as being smaller (than a villa) and built on a slab; this is not necessarily the case
  • Lately, we are seeing the term "carriage home" used too

In the Heartland Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which serves the greater Kansas City area, patio homes and villas are lumped together. Townhomes and Condominiums each have their own category, but on our website, we put condos and townhomes on the same page.

Various search portals handle these categories in their own unique way, so it can be tricky to search for exactly what you want. This is where The Henderson Larson Group can help! We have made our website easy to use and we do not require registration. Our searches pull directly from the Heartland MLS, not from some huge aggregator with unreliable results.

If you are searching for a home in the Kansas City area, particularly Johnson County, KS, why not use a website that is targeted to that area? Why be inundated with ads from a website that has no stake in Kansas City real estate?

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